Ardglass Castle, County Down

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A country that is home to some of Europe’s finest castles and is renowned for its rich culture and history is Ireland. Ardglass Castle is one of the most visited castles of Ireland that attracts many tourists throughout the year. The castle was built in County Down of Northern Ireland in the 15th century. Picturesquely located on the shore of a little harbor, the Ardglass Castle was perhaps a row of warehouses.
An array of fortified warehouses dating back to the 12th century is known as the Newark, which was acquired by Lord Charles Fitzgerald in the year 1790. He was the one who converted the central section of the row of warehouses into Ardglass Castle. This castle was sold by him to William Ogilvie in the year 1806. The property was subsequently passed on to his son-in-law Charles Beauclerc. Charles Beauclerc was bankrupted in year 1896 after which the grounds and the castle were bought by a group of local men who wished to start a golf club there.

The castle includes three square towers, out of which one stands in the center and one at each end. The array of the warehouses was supposed to provide 13 spaces behind the quay which were guarded by towers at each end. These were assumed to be utilized as a passage for the residents or for the visiting merchants to County Down Till date, large sections of the original buildings can still be seen, apart from the Ardglass Castle which has been converted to a golf clubhouse since 18th century.


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