Ballina, County Mayo

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Ballina is a beautiful town situated in the north County Mayo in Ireland and spread over a large area. It lies on the banks of the river Moy near Killala Bay that is located in the Parish of Kilmoremoy and the Moy valley, surrounded by the Ox Mountain range in the east and the Nephin Beg mountains in the west. Moreover, the town consists of two Baronies; one known as Tirawley that is situated on the west of Moy river, and Tireragh, a Barony located within Sligo, on the east bank of the river. Ballina is also considered as the postal address of North Mayo for those citizens who reside in Erris that is located few miles away to its north west
The well-known town of Ballina shelters to the huge population of 10,409. Moreover, according to the figures of Census 2006, Ballina was rated topmost in terms of unemployment ratio as compared to the rest of the Republic of Ireland. It was stated that approx 15.8% of its population was deprived of work at the time the 2006 census was under process. Furthermore, it is also claimed that this town suffered badly due to the lack of government investment, unlike the case with its neighboring towns like Sligo, and Castlebar.

The town is blessed with some attractive architecture, including St. Muredach’s Cathedral, which is a well-established Cathedral Church, and the 15th-century Moyne Abbey. Construction of the Cathedral started in 1827, under which stones were quarried locally and the ceiling and the roof got structured before the Great Famine in 1845. Apart from this, the spire finally got constructed in 1855 and by the end of the year 1875 the organ was commissioned. Moreover, a small hill situated outside in the west of this town has a dolmen standing on it that is supposed to have been erected almost 4000 years ago. On the educational parameter, the town is always being appreciated as the only all-boys secondary school in Ballina, St. Muredach’s College, completed its centenary on 10 September 2006.

Ballina has several listed buildings like the Ice House Building which got converted into an amazing hotel, Georgian Housing situated on the banks of the river Moy and the old provincial bank, which is now known as the Jackie Clarke Museum. The beautiful streets of the town have three and four storey Victorian and Georgian Buildings, surrounding their two sides. Though, the construction of many buildings is actually far older than the normal designs.

Apart from its infrastructure, the town is also quite popular for its lively social life. The place has an amazing entertainment scene that offers ample options when it comes to hitting the town in search of anything. It has made an inevitable name, owing to its longstanding fame for being an excellent place to eat out delicious delicacies. Ballina has a long list of wonderful restaurants serving European, Asian and Irish cuisine. Therefore, with its varied range and innumerable contemporary and traditional style pubs, the town has something good for everyone.


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