Lying on the coast of County Cork, Bantry is a small town located on the national secondary road N71. The name of the town has been anglicised from an Irish word Beanntraí. The town is situated at the estuary of the deep-water gulf Bantry bay, which extends to 19 miles in the west. This compact town is divided into three main areas assimilating the north-west Beara Peninsula and southern Sheep’s Head Peninsula (Muintir Bhaire) and the Mizen Peninsula. These peninsulas extend up to 30 miles towards south west in the Atlantic.
Theobald Wolfe Tone was an Irish revolutionary, who assisted the republican United Irishmen in a movement against the French Republicans, who aimed at overthrowing British rule. He led several other successful roles in preparing the local defences against the native French landowner, Richard White and repelling the French invasion from the Bantry bay. To grace his efforts, in 1797, British administration created the Baron Bantry. The Wolfe Tone Square in the town commemorates Theobald Wolfe Tone. Later, in 1800 and 1816, Viscountcy followed, who became the first Earl of Bantry. Situated in the outskirts of the town, the beautiful mansion and gardens in the Bantry House are a testimony to the status of the Earl family. Dedicated to the historic event, the house comprises the “Armada Centre”. The first person to discover America St. Brendan is the first person to navigate across the town. A sculpture of St. Brendan, the famous navigator, is located in the heart of the town.

With numerous landscapes on the south-west coast in Ireland, the heart of West Cork, Bantry declares its ancient connection with the sixth century saints. This surprisingly large square town is formed partly by infilling of the shallow inner harbour and partly with the lush vegetation, palm trees and semi-tropical flowers. A major base for pilchard fisheries, the town in ancient time was much frequented by fishing fleets from Spain, France and the Netherlands. A destination of exceptional beauty, the town is edged by majestic mountain ridges with azure blue sea and streams. In earlier days, Bantry was home to regular cattle fairs, mussel farming and traditional trawling. With recent developments, the town has transformed into an urban plaza with enticing weekly markets and occasional public functions.

The West Cork Chamber Music Festival and the West Cork Literary Festival are the two prominent cultural events organized by the locals of Bantry every summer. Featuring musicians and writers of international stature, these events comprise numerous art performances conducted at several sites of the town. For sport enthusiast, Bantry is the main center of numerous sport and adventure activities such as golf, football, sailing, rowing and rugby. Blues, Gaelic Football Club, Bantry Bay Golf Club, Bantry Blues GAA, Bantry Rowing Club and Bantry Rugby Union Club are some of the popular places in the town. These clubs support all sport activities and are open throughout the round.

A major share of economic revenue of the town comes from tourism. Numerous tourists visit Bantry to explore its scintillating coastal scenery with world class accommodation facilities across the town.


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