Belvelly Castle, County Cork

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Belvlly Castle is a medieval square tower located in the village of Belvelly in County Cork, and sitting on a thin strip between Fota Island and Great Island. This tower is located along water’s side, at the gateway of Fota Island, positioned between the road and shore. It was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, is connected to the adjoining areas through a small bridge-road, and overlooks enchanting natural scenery. Apart from being in good condition in spite of its old age, another notable feature of this castle is the boatslip on the estuary.
This castle has connections with various historical families, such as the Hodnetts, who built it. The glory that this castle brought to the family eventually ignited the envy of De Barry, another powerful aristocrat. He took the castle from the original occupants in the year 1329 with the help of his Irish and English friends as well as the Roches of Fermoy. The Hodnetts were then compelled to take on lease the same lands that they previously owned. In the 16th century, Hodnett’s Wood, a large portion of the Great Island located west of Belvelly was transferred from Edmund Hodnett to William MacCotter. One of the most famous owners of this castle has been Sir Walter Raleigh, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I, who was later assassinated after he lost the favor of Her Majesty.

Presently, this picturesque castle is on sale, and though the initial price was € 375,000, it dropped sharply to € 190,000. This four storey tower still has several original features are still intact, and can be turned into a plush three bedroom home. Its restoration would certainly require € 1-2 Million and a lot of time, since extensive restoration work is required in this 800 year old building. Upon conversion into a home, this castle will offer a total area of 3000 sq. ft. on the four floors, along with space for a store and a garage that can accommodate two cars. The deal is being conducted by Colliers-Jackson-Stops, who allow interior viewing only through their agents. However, people can admire the castle from outside by simply parking their cars at the convenient spots located near it.

Belvelly Castle is located at the site of Belvelly Bridge, which is located adjacent to Belvelly Channel that is overlooked by three of the five Martello towers. The bridge is an elegant stone arched piece of architecture and stands sturdily even now. The channel is a significant natural tidal mudflat area that is primarily famous for being thronged by several species of birds, thus a favorite of ornithologists. The water body has been deemed a Special Area of Conservation under the EU Habitats Directive.

It is situated just 5 miles from Cork City, quite near all amenities and oversees an enchanting view of nature. A famous site that is located near this castle is the Fota Aboretum, which is considered to be the best park of Ireland by numerous people. Subtropical trees from all over the world are planted in the park, which is located close to a wildlife park.


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