Blarney Castle, County Cork

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The Blarney Castle, situated near the River Martin, is one of Ireland’s classic tourist destinations. Picturesque location of the castle on the edge of a cliff makes it one of the greatest architectural treasures of Ireland.
The Blarney Castle, was built in the 10th century and was originally a timber hunting lodge, which was later replaced by a stone castle in 1210. The present day construction of the Blarney Castle, was completed in the year 1446 by the King of Munster, Dermot McCarthy. The Castle belonged to the McCarthy family until the year 1646 when Oliver Cromwell arrived at the place and took over its possession. Fifteen years after enthroning of King Charles II years, McCarthy took over the Blarney Castle, again. After losing the battle of the Boyne in the year 1690, McCarthy was stripped of his powers and was forced to leave the Castle. Later, in 1703 the Castle was sold to the Governor of Cork Sir James Jefferyes. The Blarney Castle, is now owned and managed by the Trustees of the Blarney Castle, Estate.

Besides the history of the magnificent Castle, there is a legend attached to this majestic place. The Blarney stone that lies at the top turret of the Castle is believed to have magical powers and it is said that whosoever kisses the stone is endowed with the gift of eloquence. This stone is half of the Stone of Scone which was gifted to McCarthy by Robert the Bruce in 1314 for his support in the Battle of Bannockburn. The stone that was gifted originally belonged to Scotland where the Scottish Kings were crowned over this stone which was believed to have special powers.

The Blarney Castle, is surrounded by beautiful gardens of exquisite shrubs, trees and flowers and a clear water lake, creating a fairytale picture. The tall towers of the Castle set within these gardens contain some whimsically named natural rock formations such as Druid’s Circle, the Wishing Steps and the Witch’s Cave. Nearby the Blarney Castle is the Blarney House. This Scottish baronial-style mansion is now open for the public and those who come here do not miss the chance to visit this spectacular house.

A look at the spectacular Blarney Castle, makes everyone wish to come back to this magnificent and splendid masterpiece again and again.


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