Carrigaline, County Cork

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Beauty is the soul of Carrigaline which is an ideal destination for discovering Counties Cork and Kerry. The town is situated 12km away from Cork City and 5km form Cork Airport or Ringaskiddy Ferryport. Known for its pottery, Carrigaline is counted among the three satellite towns that are built around Cork City. It offers to its visitors an exclusive range of facilities and services as well as is the largest in the entire Owenabue Valley. Nearby the town exists Currabinny Forest Trail which depicts one of the several scenic walks in the town and its environs. Furthermore, there is St John’s Holy Well which is located on the outskirts of Carrigaline and is a well-known historical landmark.
Carrigaline got its name from Carraig Ui Leighin that is a nearby located out crop of rock which has the castle of Philip de Prendergast built on it. He referred it Beauvoir and even today there exists a house in the town bearing his name. Moreover, thirty years ago Carrigaline was a rural village bearing the population of about 300. Today the town is a booming Dormitory suburb that shelters the population of over 11000 inhabitants.
Town’s main historical attention lies in the ruins of the Castle of Carrigaline, which is situated on high limestone, bluff just about one mile away from the town. The castle was constructed soon after the Norman Cork occupation in 1171. The existing ruins include a typical Norman Tower, pointed roof building and several outhouses, among which one is used by the farmer who looks around it.
Carrigaline is popular in Ireland for its Coolmore roads and Currabinny Woods. Coolmore is one of the great examples of Georgian period in Co Cork, structured in 1788 by Newenham. It is designed in a fabulous way and consists of sober rectangular shapes but without unwanted ornamentation.
The Coolmore entrance is bordered with eight lodges constructed in the year 1815 in a proper “Gothic Cottage” style, making a semi-circle around the exceptional wrought-iron gates along with a beautiful archway above bearing the name Coolmore.The famous Coolmore is the house of South Union Foxhounds and is looked after by its owner, Mr Morth Newenham. It is unfortunate that the beauty of the place is not open to the public.
Moreover, people have noticed an increase in the population and hinterland of the town since the late 1970s which was the time-period when Carrigaline was described as the growth centre by the renowned Cork County Council. This progress marked the relentless construction of various new houses and many more activities. During this time, the village started taking the shape of a town, though it is deprived of its own town council. Moreover, as per the 2006 census, the town has the second highest proportion of foreign nationals.
In the recent days, Carrigaline has witnessed a drastic change in its construction. Various roads provide immediate links to the nearby towns or any other desired destination. The development is taking place at a rapid speed and leaves lot of hope for the people living over here.


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