Cork Public Museum, County Cork

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Located in the Fitzgerald Park in Mardyke in County Cork, the Cork Public Museum is also known as Cork City Museum. The museum was opened under the management of University College Cork in the year 1945. Granted abet by the Cork County Council and the Cork Corporation, the museum has been under the administration of Cork Corporation since the year 1963.
Cork Public Museum displays impressive collection of items signifying the social, economic and municipal history of the surrounding areas and the city, from Mesolithic period onwards. The museum gives particular emphasis on Civic Regalia as well as crafts and trades belonging to the 19th and 20th centuries. Showcasing fine and unique collections of Cork Silver, Youghal needlepoint Lace and Cork Glass, there is a whole range of impressive items displayed at the Cork Public Museum.

· Facilities: Riverview Cafe and Gift Shop

· Opening Time:

· Mon-Fri (11:00 am to 1 pm and 2:15 pm to 4:00 pm)

· Sat (Closed)

· Sun (3pm to 5pm)

· Admission Charge: Free except for Sundays


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