The northern part of Ireland is a country blessed with beauty at its best and no area can be equally enticing as the area of Down. This county consists of some of the most attractive landscapes and mountain sceneries in the world. This is a place suitable to enjoy all the aspects of life in one single go, whether it’s the beautiful greenery or the abundant wildlife. The enjoyable weather conditions for much of the year make it a delight for travelers and tourists. Other attractive scenery like snow capped mountains and woodlands along with green patchworks on fields, makes this county a photographers delight.

County Down was named after one of its town, ‘Downpatrick’. It is among the six counties forming the northern part of Ireland. The county covers an area of 2,448 square kilometers and with a population of approximately 516,000 people it is rapidly growing. It is one of the thirty two counties of Ireland which lies in the historical province if Ulster adjoined to the south eastern shore of the river Lough Neagh. There are two important peninsulas in Down: Ards Peninsula and Lecale peninsula and also a part of the shore of river Lough Neagh is located in this county.
Although it is named after the town Downpatrick, Bangor is the largest town. Other town is Newry which lies between the boundaries of Down and Armagh and on the boundary lies the towns of Lisburn and Belfast. The unique feature in the county Down is that it consists of both the southern most point as well as the eastern most point in the Northern Ireland. This county has been associated with St Patrick, as his burial is in Down Cathedral and also the first Protestant church of Ireland was established here by Patrick.

County Down on the northern side borders County Antrim Irish Sea on the eastern side and County Armagh to the west. According to the census of 2001, it is the only other county except County Antrim to have a majority of the population after coming from a protestant community background.
The county of Down has something Unique to offer the tourists and visitors in each and every way, not only it is a place with beautiful landscapes but also the natural resources are in plenty. This county proves to be the base for all the explorations related to Ireland and it takes about a week to explore down completely. Out of the rich ancient history of Down, a must see place is the old Inn in Crawfordsburn dating back 1614, it has also been visited by many popular people.

This area is the paradise for adventure lovers due to its background of outdoor adventures and the fact that Land and Sea adjoin here. Down is also rich in Wildlife and popular for Yachters, also different varieties of birds come here to enjoy the environment. The other famous tourist destinations are: The Royal Country Down golf club, for the people who love sports and Northern Ireland aquarium which can be a lot of fun in the rainy days.


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