Crossogue Equestrian Centre, County Tipperary

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Crossogue Equestrian Centre is taken care of Molloy family, which has been involved with the horses for five generations. Visitors can stay at the 19th century Georgian Crossogue House and enjoy the unique horse riding experience. On the basis of requirements, there are facilities for adult guests, families and unaccompanied teenage guests. Travellers can choose the horse of their choice and avail coaching sessions from the experienced trainers.
Apart from the equestrian experience, one can enjoy tennis, badminton, croquet and routes for runs or walks throughout the farm. In addition to these, there are host of facilities available for golf, swimming, fishing and horse racing.

Facilities: Tea on arrival, morning ride, lunch, afternoon ride

Transport services such as coach, taxi and train are also provided

Admission Charge: €120 Day visit


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