Dugort Achill Island Beach, County Mayo

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The village of Dugort in Northern Achill Island, County Mayo houses two Blue flag beaches named the Silver Strand and the vast Golden Strand for a peaceful retreat. The first of these Irish beaches is situated at the bottom of Slievemore Mountain. The latter, with its sandy dunes and grasses, can be found as one goes towards East. Presiding over Blacksod Bay, Dugort has been a tourist spot ever since the establishment of Slievemore Hotel (formerly the Achill Mission Hotel, and now private apartments) in 1839. The hotel was part of the culture that the village was introduced to by the Protestant colonizers from England. St. Thomas’s Church, contemporary field systems and rows of terraced houses are some of the other reminders of the Colony that one can visit while visiting Dugort.
Facilities: Hotel with restaurant, coffee shop and a popular bar-restaurant


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