Located close to the Louth border, Duleek is a small suburban town in County Meath. The town derives its name from an Irish word daimh liag, which means house of stones and cites to an ancient stone-built church, the St Cianan’s Church. Remnant of the sacrosanct past of the town is evident from the ruins of this church, which can be seen till date. The Duleek Heritage Trail is believed to be a series of stepping stones through the town and its ancient historical presence.
The town dates back to the Christian monastic settlement, when St. Patrick in 450 A.D constituted a bishopric under the care of St. Cianan. In 830 and 114 A.D, the early Duleek town was plundered by the Norsemen and Anglo-Normans times. In the mid 12th century, the town witnessed the reconstitution of the original monastery as St. Mary’s Abbey. In the same era, Hugh de Lacy, the first Anglo-Norman overlord of Meath County, erected a manor and a motte castle at Duleek. Later in 1180, the St. Cianan Church and certain neighbouring lands were granted to Augustinian by Hugh de Lacy.

The churchyard of the St. Cianan Church occupies a part of the land positioned in the ancient monastery. The village’s four crosses and the lime tree represent Duleek’s connection to the struggle between William and James. Moreover, these also symbolise European unrest during the reign of Louis the XIV of France. The Irish High Cross, which is 1.82 metre high is one of the prominent attractions in the town. This Irish cross is a part of Ireland’s legacy to Western European Art of the Middle Ages.

This historical town relates itself to another adventurous and romantic note with Collier, a Robin Hood type highwayman. He was a robber and used the Duleek Commons as a base to rob the passing stage coaches. This Duleek Commons is bestowed with a plethora of fauna and flora and is a paradise for nature lovers. Bird watching is one of the noted activities of the locals. Presently, this prosperous town is frequented by numerous travellers to explore its rich cultural and traditional heritage and scintillating beauty.

Sports facilities in the town include 4 to 18-hole golf courses. Moreover, the town also offers numerous water activities. For enjoying adventure activities such as clay pigeon shooting and karting, Puddle Hill activity centre is the ideal spot. This centre is located 5 miles south-west of Drogeheda. Athcarne Castle is another beautiful historic monument situated on the main streets of the town Duleek.

Well connected railway system of Duleek with neighbouring counties makes it a perfect vacation destination. Moreover, this Irish tourist destination hosts numerous walking tours, which enable the tourists to explore the scenic beauty of the place and varied picturesque landscapes. Tourists interested in recreational activities such as fishing can find ample opportunities in the town such as River Hurley trout fishing and Boyne Valley. Numerous pubs, restaurants, pharmacies and markets are also established in the heart of the town.


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